Best Newcomer Awards

By handing out awards to the Best Newcomers/ refugees, we celebrate inspiring and talented newcomers that enrich our country. We literally put a spotlight on newcomers through a festive award ceremony.


The Best Newcomers are nominated in five categories:

  • Artist: Creative newcomers who give colour to the Netherlands as an artist, through singing, music, photography, art, theatre, film or literature.
  • Food: Newcomers who complement our culinary culture and hospitality by means of celebrating food, either through preparing fantastic food, helping people discover new tastes or serving delicious meals. 
  • Tech: Smart newcomers who use their IT skills to improve our IT infrastructure by developing new software, websites, apps and other modern technology.
  • Sports: Sporty newcomers who use their athletic talent and endless motivation to continue their dreams and ambitions in the Netherlands.
  • Stars: Newcomers who shine a light on others through big or small actions. With love and affection, they make great effort of taking care of the people surrounding them. Real stars!

How does it work?

PHASE 1 - Nomination:

The organization of Best Newcomer has already selected a number of inspiring newcomers. In addition, everyone (you too!) can nominate someone. The organization will review all submissions and will then announce a list of final nominees.

PHASE 2 – Voting:

Vote online for your favourite newcomer! The newcomer with most online votes will receive the public award in his / her category.

PHASE 3 - Award ceremony:

In addition to the public awards, the jury will also selects one winner per category. This decision will be based on the extent to which the person makes an impressive difference in our society. The winners will be announced during a festive award ceremony.

In short: we will soon announce the selected newcomers! Then it is up to you to complement this list with other talented and inspiring refugees. We’ll keep you posted!


We will soon present the jury members here.

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